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CSP-Boost can be consulted for analyzing the technical pertinence of your future CSP project for heat and power production or the coherence of existing facility results. Expertise can address, for example, the choice of components, the system design and sizing, the performance analysis, the process integration, etc.


You need help for designing a solar thermal solution that can satisfy your renewable energy needs. CSP-Boost offers design service for evaluating the nominal and annual performance of heat and power production projects at various scales accounting for the local solar resource. It includes the choice of the solar technology, the system layout, the component sizing and the full system design necessary for your strategic decision.


CSP-Boost can perform on-sun tests using small-scale solar furnaces able to deliver solar flux density as large as 12 MW/m2 peak. The facility enables obtaining temperature as high as 3000°C for tests in solid and liquid phases, as well as reaching vaporization state in various atmospheres. Controlled temperature cycles can be performed with user-defined temperature increase and decrease rates, and plateau temperature level and duration. Consecutive cycles are possible. Ceramic and metallic samples are welcome.


CSP-Boost offers numerical simulation services in the field of optics, thermal engineering and system. They include simulation of heliostat fields using the ray tracing software Solstice, aiming point strategy, thermal simulation of solar receivers/reactors, and simulation of heat exchangers and turbines. This service also addresses numerical simulations for thorough investigations on specific CSP processes and high temperature components.

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